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Zimbra Collaboration Suite – Installation

  1. Using Fedora Core 5, install the operating system with its default configuration i.e., default partition layout.
  2. Assign a live IP to the system along with the local IP.
  3. Hostname should be fully qualified i.e.,
  4. Make sure your FQDN is before your hostname in /etc/hosts e.g, mail

  1. Configure the DNS with A and MX records of the mail server.
  2. Make sure the following ports are open:


  1. Linux firewall and SELinux should be disabled.

Installing Zimbra:

  1. Untar Zimbra to a new directory.
  2. Make sure sendmail, postfix and mysql services are not running during installation process.
  3. Pre-requisite packages for Zimra:

#GMP or compat-libstddcc++

  1. Run ./ from the new directory to start the installation.
  2. Select packages to install (Default should go fine)
  3. Create the admin password from the menu list (that’s mandatory).
  4. To start or stop Zimbra:

su -zimbra
zmcontrol start
zmcontrol stop
zmcontrol status

  1. To access via web:
Admin console


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