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Comparison: Windows vs Linux

(This comparison is not a full one. Everyone is invited to add comments)


Windows is easy to install, takes an hour to install, most of the device drivers are pre-packaged with windows. It doesnot have a live CD. So installation is required for running windows.

Linux’s ease of installation depends upon the distribution, takes from 6 minutes upto more than an hour depending upon the packages selected for installation. Many linux distributions come with a live CD. Insert the CD and start using Linux.


Windows NT family is considered stable operating systems (NT family includes windows NT, 2000, XP). Usually a restart is required for driver installation.

Linux inherits its stability of UNIX which is acknowledged to be stable right from the beginning. Normally, only restart of a particular service is required after the driver installation.


Hundreds of thousands of viruses have been written for windows and the list continues to increase everyday. So an antivirus is a must for windows users which usually eats a lot of resources. A virus attack usually slows down windows systems or windows even crashes.

Only file viruses have been written for linux but none of them have been able to propagate successfully. A virus attack usually slows down linux systems but the linux viruses have not been able propagate through networks. Worms do have impact on linux systems more than viruses.

Windows includes a basic firewall which is a common invitation to hackers and crackers.

Linux comes with a very advanced firewall that protects against hackers effectively. Linux also uses techniques like tcp wrappers and xinetd for security.

Thousands of spywares keep on originating on daily basis and protection against spywares is very difficult.

Only about 800 spywares have been discovered for linux till date. (


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  1. Are there any new companies developing antivirus firewall solutions? The old ones do not work for me

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