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Firefox Add-ons

One of the great things I love about firefox is its ability to install addons. Some of the addons I use include firebug which lets me look into the source of the website I’m visiting in a very clean and easy way. I’m almost addicted to its inspect feature. And stumbleupon is another addon that I use when I’m bored .. it just shows me random sites on the subject I like. A great boredom passer. Scribefire, a must have addon for the one who’s a blogger .. it just sits in your status bar and when you click on it, you can write anything and then publish to your blog. Its great for the people having slow internet connection.

I’m so much annoyed by the ads on the websites I visit .. they take so much of my bandwidth. Then I came across this adblock plugin. Its great, once you’ve blocked an ad, it’ll never come into your way again.

Can some of you people tell me about other interesting addons that I haven’t come across?

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