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Assigning two IP addresses to one ethernet card in Windows

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  1. Jee Janab sanix SAb how are u and howz ur heath yaar
    Where are u and watz Going on where are u now yaar?
    Thatz a Realy nice and Infomatic Web Site
    i Like that

  2. Great website you got brother…. btw i live in a hostel environment where i face time to time problems with our dial-up… is there any way you can make the admin restrict other people to prevent them from downloading??? a solution to this problem would be a great help!!!

  3. Thanks brother for the compliments. Surely, the downloading can be restricted but for this, you have to tell me the exact network environment and what servers are you using for your network so that I may answer appropriately.

  4. […] 1- Firstly, you will need two IP addresses, one for the DSL modem interface and the other for the local LAN interface. Either you can install two NICs (LAN Cards) or alternatively you can assign two IP addresses to your existing NIC. One IP address is for the LAN and the other is for connecting to the internet. Please see my post about assigning two IP addresses to one LAN Card here. […]

  5. awesome. no doubt a great help…

  6. Hi si

    please help me regarding to through dhcp distributed internet please send step by step

    urgent send the mail

    Rajender kuamr

  7. hi this is satish patnaik her , dear i have xp system and haveing two lan card , one haveing internet connection and another one have local connnection to the switch , but i have to disable and enable the lan card time by time for running the internet and local connection it is big problem for me . so pls give me the permenent solution to me as soon as possible.

    With regards
    Satish patnaik

  8. how to run two ip in one nic at same time in xp operating system

  9. we have 2 network in single system..its os for server 2003
    i try to put in ip manually…if i put two ip address it will getting each card it will getting for DHCP address but i put in manually only…kindly give to resolution of this

  10. good write-up i would like to learn more.|interesting, I am going to try this out and report back.

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