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CCNA Preparation Series [Cisco Discovery Procotol]

[Short notes on CDP]

Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) is a Cisco proprietary protocol used to share network information among directly connected CDP enabled devices.

CDP runs over data-link layer and is media and protocol independent.

CDP requires Subnetwork Access Protocol (SNAP) running on the network for its functioning. It supports almost every type of network including LANs, WANs, ATMs, Frame Relay etc.

CDP is enabled by default on all the Cisco routers running IOS 10.3 or higher. It has very low overhead and network administrators use it for their troubleshooting and maintenance.

CDP Commands:

Cdp run – Start cdp on the router
Cdp enable – enable cdp on an interface

No cdp run — Stop cdp on the router
No cdp enable – Disable cdp on an interface

Show cdp ?

entry – Show information about a specific entry
Interface – Show information about an interface
Neighbors – Show information about directly connected CDP enabled devices
Traffic – Displays traffic on an interface

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