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Network Performance Measurement

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  1. Since many days(approx 10 days)I’m unable to receive or send
    mail properly. Whilst I’m able to load pages from other sites
    I rarely get to my In box. I encounter messages as follws


    This seems to be taking longer than usual.

    If you are using a slow Internet connection, you can wait a bit longer for
    this page to finish loading, or just use basic HTML view for now.

    If you are using your normal Internet connection and you usually get past this
    loading step without any problems, please refresh this page in your browser.
    If you continue to have trouble loading your account, please visit the help
    center for troubleshooting information.

    Help center is of no use. there is no window for posting any complaint.

    I request that some action be taken to improve the service

  2. hi.
    how are you.
    i just recently discovered your site.
    this is very informative to computer users like me.
    i have a few questions regarding topics ranging from:
    1. networking
    2. server configuration
    3. hardware review
    4. troubleshooting

    hope all of you will be able to help me.
    if you don’t mind.

    my network will be:
    router–adminpc(xp pro sp2)–pc2(xp pro sp2)-laptop3(xp pro sp2)–laptop4(xp home)

    im aware that it is possible to load or install softwares or application to remote computers(pc2-laptop4) using only the adminpc. do i need softwares to do this or it only requires windows configuration. if softwares are needed, what is/are the best to get (preferably free software)and you are currently using yourself.

    ive seen a lot of sites regarding this topic but im reluctant to try all of them since it will be way too costly and time consuming, so please refer links where can i get sufficient and concise information and guide on how to do this.

    thanks a lot…
    hope to hear from you guys soon.

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