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2038 bug in UNIX

Yesterday, I was discussing with a friend about the 2038 bug in UNIX systems .. I thought why not share it with my valuable readers.

So what is 2038 bug? It is a time wrap bug .. if the time of UNIX machine reaches a certain value, it will restart itself to its initial value. And that certain value will occur in 2038. UNIX uses 31 bits for its time function and the remaining one bit is use as its sign.This means that when the second count reaches 2147483647, it will wrap to -2147483648 and the date will reset to 1901.

The precise date of this occurrence is Tue Jan 19 03:14:07 2038. At this time, a machine prone to this bug will show the time Fri Dec 13 20:45:52 1901, hence it is possible that the media will call this The Friday 13th Bug.

The image below shows exactly how time will travel back to 1901 after 2038 bug occurs

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  1. how can we exploit it

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