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Get open with dialog when opening Windows drives?

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  1. i have have the problem by mines is worst, because i found a hidden file of “autorun.inf” in my usb drive, but it does’t work like it should, any idea for this?

  2. Removel tool works with the hidden files, but the drive properties is changed and the language too, the drive does not open but it require open with option plz help me i wana solve this one,

  3. I did this and it solved the issue

    You will need do a restore point! 🙂

    goto registry (regedit or regedt32) and look for this key

    Under the key, you’ll notice there are some {2938239408…} GUID, just remove the corrupted GUID key.

    Add a key called “Shell” in key “C” and “D”.

    Once you do that. Close registry editor and double click C or D.

    you should view the drive normally. If you want to be certain, go back to the registry key. You should see similar GUID get re-created.

    In my case, the registry key was corrupted by virus.

  4. Many Thanks for all the tips!!! It’s working great!!!

  5. hello sir i have a problem with my notebook my window get corrupted by new folder.exe i am in trouble i install many windows but the prblm is still

  6. izhar ali, you should install an antivirus and scan your computer for viruses and then reinstall windows if it gets corrupt. Here is a list of some online antiviruses.

  7. Looks like an infection with Virus.VBS.Small.a or something similar.
    First you should tell Windows to show ‘hidden’ AND ‘system’ files + uncheck ‘hide extensions of registered file types’ in My Computer – Tools – Folder Properties – View. Then do a search for all files with the name “autorun” (ANY extension) and delete them. Be careful: they may be *anywhere* – in player folders, system32, etc.
    Then you should open the Registry Editor (Start – Run – regedit) and check the following:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/Current Version/Winlogon
    The parameter Userinit in the right window should have the following value C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.exe. Any additions should be deleted. If your system is installed on disc D, then it will read D:\WINDOWS\and so on…
    Now delete the following key:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Explorer/MountPoints2. This step should be repeated for ALL users on the computer including the built-in Administrator account. Now reboot the computer and you should be able to open the discs.

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  9. The MountPoints tip works great! Thanks!

  10. i followed these steps and i somehow got rid of the “open with” window when i double click my c: drive. but it still shows up for my d: drive….any ideas what’s wrong? thanks

  11. Great job mite………..

  12. Thanks for all of the information. It help me a lot. 🙂

  13. Thanks hassan, it worked:-)

  14. i having the same problem but iam not able to understand a blank “autorun.inf” please request you to give me a practicale solution i hope u will do it.

  15. thanksss

  16. i can’t open the c,d,… drives
    it show the error message
    c:\ is missing

  17. I have a similar issue. Clicking on my D drive brings up the open with dialog box. If I right click on the D drive, I can then choose open and it opens. Clicking on the C drive works fine.

  18. My is diffrent from that in the above mentioned…. before i had a problem the same with the above… and I am very thankful because I had solve it using the suggestions listed above….. thanks so much….

    But this time, I think I need help, because i can no longer enter in the registry editor, when I open it, the “open dialog will apear” …. help pls!!!!!

  19. i cant open my c,d,e… drives.
    there appears an “open with”diologue box.
    i cant access your metod mentioned above.PLEASE HELP ME

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  21. Thanksssssssss…..

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  23. sir, I have same problem…my drives are not opnen on clicking…..and “open with’ option are appearing please give me solution…….thanking you sir….

  24. autorun.inf it is not working…………..please give me solution….

  25. The deleting of mousepoint idea works..thanks

  26. Thanks hassan, deleting additional enteries apart from unerinit.exe really worked. Thank you again

  27. Hi hassan,

    The MousePoint2 deletion really worked. I have removed all the Autorun.inf files from my DRIVE Root and removed the MousePoint2 key. Closed everything and started my computer again and double clicked on all drives. They all are successfully opened. Thanks, it is really great.

  28. thanks a lot yaar i fixed my problem now i can open my all drive

  29. Thanks Jacky, on September 8th, 2007 at 1:47 pm your replay solved the problem , thank you very match

  30. i had the same problem with D drive,
    i just backed up the contents and did a Quick Format on drive D and it opens fine now.
    (right click drive D on my computer, then click ‘Format…’)

  31. open my computer go to folder options click on show system protected files in view tab.
    now find autorun.inf on the drive and delete this file problem will be resolved.

  32. Ive written a detailed blog about removing the autorun.inf virus and other issues at

    also talks about removing those viruses which even the antivirus cant remove and to revert back to settings prior to infection.

    Hope this helps too.

  33. i cant find the mentioned guid in the mountspoint2 key…please help me out..i din do this registry thing till now and is new to all this.. [:S]

  34. when i open my computer n try to open c,d,e drives open with is coming..i tried all ur ideas its not workin…please help me..what to do

  35. I can’t open any drive By double ClicKing or click on open or explore.. When I click on drive Icon or click on open or explore.. The dialog box of ” Open With….” appears … can i resolve it. pls reply

  36. Thanks Dear Jacky For ur trick

  37. i can’t open the disk drivers. It will open in open with menu when i double click it…. how can i fix this problem.. plz resolve this…

  38. I have the same problem. But in different manner.
    It means i have no problem in opening drive C and D. But I have problem with my all application . It means whenever i click on any application on my pc to run the app. then open with dialog box is opened.

  39. thanks a lot

  40. sir, I have same problem…my drives are not opnen on clicking…..and “open with’ option are appearing please give me solution…….thanking you sir….

  41. sir
    i ve a problem that when i am opening any application on my computer then these r opening with openwith block….

  42. Dear Sir,
    My problem is not opening the ‘open with’ window when i click the drives. But if i click means just no response. my cd drives are opening.
    i did deleting the mountpoints2 and my drives were opening fine. But if restart my system and again try to open the drives means its not working. Again i’ve to delete the mountpoints2. What should i do? Give me solution to fix this problem pls.

  43. after tryin regedit or regedt32 – i dont see anythng as “MountPoints2″…i am still not able to access my drives as it keeps givin me the option “Open With”…

    can u help in a bit detailled manner..


  44. Thank you very much sir.I have done it, now the drive is opening smoothly. Friends to go to regedit
    do this
    1. Click “Start” -> “Run…” (or press Windows key + R)
    2. Type “regedit” and click “Ok”.


  45. Anybody can u help me to fix my problem?

    My cd drive is opening fine. But when i try to open the c and d drives means it shows busy icon but no response. I deleted the “Mountpoints2” and it was working but if i restarted my system means again i’ve to delete the “Mountpoints2”. Please give me a permant solution to fix this problem.


  46. Thanks Jacky

    It really works. This is great.
    MountPoints2- deleted all the entries and add the new one (shell) for all the local drives. It solves my drive accessing problem (open with problem)

  47. This works.. But the same happens after restarting the pc…
    Please let me know how to solve..

  48. hey dudes…i spent all morning trying to fix this stupid problem but ur solution works and i am truly grateful that there are guys like u out there to fight the virus creators. well done and god bless!

  49. hey shane, the full process is mentioned in the chat…just look for it higher up.

  50. hel;o! Sorry for flood, but I looking for an informttion about computers. What can you advise to me? Can somebody help me ti find it? Thanks for attention!
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  51. Did delete the MountPoint2 as stated by Hassan and on rebooting the drives do not open nor indicate the open with dialouge box. It merely endavour to open by the apperance of the hour glass for a few seconds and dissappear without opening the drive. Any directions regarding this is well appreciated.

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  53. This will solve ur probs…… it worked for me!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Open Start>>Run and type cmd and press enter. This will open a command prompt window. On this command prompt window type the following steps.
    2. type cd\
    3. type attrib -r -h -s autorun.inf
    4. type del autorun.inf
    5. now type d: and press enter for d: drive partition. Now repeat steps 3 and 4. Similarly repeat step 5 for all your hard disk partition.
    Restart your system and your trouble will be fixed.

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  55. Go to Run -> regedit -> Press f3 -> search mountpoint2 -> delete all mountpoint2 directories and that’s it.

  56. I have simple soln just open local disk properties then go to tools there is option Error-checking just hit check now option…
    Thats all.. Your drive is now able to open..

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