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Cannot Right Click Desktop or in Windows Explorer

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15 Responses

  1. Fantastic – Thank You.
    The best tip I have ever had, Thanks again

  2. Cannot get a menu when I rightclick on desktop. All ICONs are gone.
    I tried the registry fix but do not have “NoViewContextMenu”.

  3. Very useful tips, can solve the problem immediately.


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  5. I just install an ATI 9550 video card and I started getting errors whenever I right clicked on the desktop.

    Your solution fixed this problem.

    Many Thanks

  6. very nice.Thank

  7. Thank you, I tried contacting MS though got foreign guy then girl who said to pay pro support or just to upgrade to XP or vista… Thanks for the help RJ

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  9. I KNOW IT IS RUDE TO CAPITALIZE, BUT THAT IS HOW HAPPY I AM. I have been fighting this themeui.dll error for two days. I searched and found your site. Answer number 5 should have his/her face on Mount Rushmore. I followed the instructions and within seconds my lappy is snappy. Thanks so much.

  10. Can not right click on my desk top. i get this error message eeach time. * The specified module could not be found. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\ Adobe Version Cue CS4\Client\ 4.0.1\Versioncue.DLL*

    Does Anyone know what this means???

  11. I followed your advise and corrected the ‘Group Policy Editor’ but it did not fully corrrect the problems. I then went to ‘Registry Editor’ and when I got to the Explorer Directory I found only two files, the ‘NoViewContextMenue’ was not present. Do you have any suggests on how to get this file? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  12. When I right click on any folder, in Windows Explorer or otherwise, I get an error message: Windows has experienced a problem and needs to shut down….”

    Is there a fix?

  13. I down loaded ripitforme from anothe site and and can get an icon nore can i find it in my programs anywere so i can not de leat it. I am trying dowmload it again for maloj geek so may be i can get an icon on my desk top. How if the program is hidden somewere deleat it if it there and hidden. Is this possible to have it there and not show up in my control panel? Thank Major Geek Your truly newbe geek Kevin thank again !!

  14. Why can’t I see the post from this url.. is there another new post for this? Please advice. thanks!

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