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Norton Antivirus Subscription Expired

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  2. I had this problem after two weeks of loading. I phoned the support dept in Johannesburg South Africa. I was told they could help me for a fee per minute billing. My Solution was simple. I cut up all 5 disks that I purchased. put them back in the box, wrote ‘rip off artists” on the box and left them in a local mall for all to find. I told everyone I have met what a rip off norton is. Now you all know.

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  4. I renewed my subscription on 4/11/07 for 1 year and applied for automatic renewal. Now every time I go online they tell me that my subscription has expired and that I need to renew it. Why did I sign up for automatic renewal if they don’t renew it, plus, my subscription really hasn’t expired

  5. Votre methode d’ accés permettant la mise à jour de mon ordinateur après avoir souscrit mon renouvellement est aussi claire u ‘ un jus de boudin

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