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Windows’s Unreliable – Take backup first

Sometimes when problems come, Windows just seems to be a code of crap software which ain’t going to help you no matter what you do. A recent hang in my PC told me that I should never rely on Windows and always be prepared for the odds ………. BACKUP EVERY FILE BEFORE ITS CREATION ….. :-).

I had just shutdown my PC and it shutdown normally. No hardware changes, no new software installed, no changes to current configuration, no one physically touched the system ………… when I started the PC again, it just got stuck after logging on. I had not taken the backup of the system drive so it was really hard for me to reinstall the system again. After a while I came to know that some hardware was causing the problems for me. I just re installed every hardware device …. and the problem got fixed. I’ve heard that Windows is a user friendly operating system but where does it go in our hard times ??


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