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And It Keeps on Improving..

Today when I looked at the stats of the technodigits, I was so excited to see the total no. of visitors surpassing a 10,000 figure. And it has only been in such a short time. I only started blogging regularly in the late April ’07 .. so it’s only been two months and we are already getting better n better.

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for my valuable visitors who have encouraged me to keep writing. So I would request my visitors to keep visiting and providing me the feedback for Technodigits. If anyone wants to write for Technodigits, see the info section.


5 Responses

  1. The road to success
    Can lead to distress
    But never give in
    Or you will never win
    Go after your dream
    And be on the winning team.

  2. congratos … and keep moving 🙂

    technodigits doing great :>

  3. Thank you so much Sufi007 and Knightess .. You people keep on encouraging me and I’ll just make the dreams a reality :D.

  4. I’m the 10001st visitor here! m’ I so?
    Anyways, happy blogging!

  5. Qurat you are 137,401 st visitor here :-). Thanks for joining.

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