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How to take Ownership of a File in Windows Vista

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  1. […] This process includes taking ownership of three system files for an article on How to take Ownership check this. […]

  2. k heres my issue…my old laptop died (xp home) so i got a new one (vista) & got an enclosure for my old hard drive. when i connect it i can see the files & folders in the windows view but i cant open or move them! i have taken ownership of the files & folders but still no luck! grrrr im frustrated with it all! also y cant u just take ownership of a folder & subsequently take ownership of all the folders & files in it….no u have to do each one all by its self!!! anyhow hopefully this will go through cuz its my 2nd post cuz the web ate my other one….man its not my week!! thanks much & have a great day:)

  3. […] you do not know How To Take Ownership then check it […]

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