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Insert and Overwrite problem


During typing anything using keyboard in a word editing program or in a compiler program.

I have often come across this problem and it becomes so teasing to me. But Now I have found a solution to this problem. Whenever I have typed some words or sentences and I do want to change that word or sentence it does change but will overwrite on other words so previous words will be deleted. This problem is due to mistakingly pressing of Insert Key.

When we press Insert Key it does set the function mode of the keyboard to Overwrite words.



You do need to Press Insert Key again to set the keyboard function mode to Insert words rather than Overwrite words.

The figure below provides the layout of Keyboard showing Insert Key




3 Responses

  1. Nice info

    I am having problem in MS Excel, when I click on a cell it changes into edit mode rather than highlighting/selecting it. Any solution for that?

  2. Thanks for the info!! ^.^
    I always face this problem when doing my assignment or writing blog, and i have to try all button on my keyboard…lol…really silly…..

  3. Thanks for the Info, I have tried what you suggested but it still over writes other letters next t it, any more suggestions?

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