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Unlock Super Administrator Account in Windows Vista

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15 Responses

  1. i tried that and i got a system error 5. what did i do wrong?

  2. try if you have windows vista ultimate try the metho on

  3. hei…
    i’m farly..
    i want ask one question,how to unlocked the reistry editing has been disabled…

  4. if you got system error 5 you might have not right-clicked on command prompt and chose run as administrator. you need to type cmd on the start search and then once command prompt appears on the results list, right click on it and then choose run as administrator

  5. […] Here’s how to access Vista’s top-secret Super Admin account (this renders all other methods to delete folders from Vista unnecessary since it makes Vista work just like XP).   […]

  6. Please tell me, does this super administrator actually work on consumer products.

  7. i am trying to unlock my windows vista administrator account i tryed going to cmd and using the “net user administrator /active:yes’ but i am unable to get this to work

  8. I know about this super Administrator but i need the normal administrator password to get to the super Administrator. I think it might be because the only account i can access is guest but is there any solution please help.

  9. guess what it is not a super admin it is a default admin.

  10. =_=

  11. please can enyone tell me wtf is SYSTEM ERROR 5???

  12. There are a lot of tools and utilities that can be downloaded and used to recover, reset, retrieve or reveal existing password. These windows password recovery utilities, free or paid, are usually a Linux boot disk or CD that able to comes with NT file system (NTFS) drivers and software that will read the registry and rewrite the password hashes, or can brute force crack the password for any user account including the Administrators. The advantage is that there is no fear of leaking your password to outsiders, while the process requires physical access to the console and a floppy or CD drive, depending on which tool you choose. And it’s not easy, although it always work!
    Below is the most famous recovery tool I found:
    Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 – it is the most popular Windows password cracker . It is a very efficient implementation of windows any versions. It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms.

    Password Recovery Bundle –This is a utility to reset the password of any user that has a valid (local) account on your windows system. You do not need to know the old password to set a new one. It works offline, that is, you have to shutdown your computer and boot off a floppydisk or CD. It’ll detect and offer to unlock locked or disabled out user accounts. It is also an almost fully functional registry editor.

    Windows Password Key 8.0 -It is considered as the best tool to reset local administrator and user passwords on any Windows system. It creates a password recovery CD/DVD, USB Flash Drive for home, business and enterprise. And most of all, it’s the most popular and safe solution for removing your Windows password until now.

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