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In-Game Video Recording

While searching on the Internet I found three software which give you the option to record videos and screenshots while you are playing any game.But these Program are trial none of them is freeware you need to buy them for full functionality.

  • Game Recorder By ZDSoft

Game Recorder is best if you want to capture a compressed Video (small in Size). It shows frame rate of the game being captured and the hotkey to start recording is F9, you can also pause and resume recording by pressing Ctrl+ F9.

Trial version lets you record 1 minute game video

For the feature list and download of Game Recorder click here

  • Fraps By Beepa Pty Ltd

When you run Fraps it shows the frame rates of the game being
played on your computer. But only problem with this program is that
it does not compress the video file.  The hotkey to start
For the Feature list and download of Fraps click here

The trial version gives you record 30 seconds game video.

It gives you the flexibility to compress Videos. Upon First start Game Cam searches your system for games and if it finds it shows you the games. If it did not detected any game then you can add a game with its Profile Manager. To record a game you must launch the game within Game Cam otherwise you will not be able to record Game.  The Hotkey to start recording is Home and to stop recording is P.

For the feature list and download of Gam Cam click here

These programs are compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista

For a comparison of these programs check out


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  1. Before this i wondered how people make videos of their Counter Strike game play.I will make mine too.

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