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Do Not Repeat A Task Which You Do Regularly Let Journal Macro Do it For You


Journal Macro is an easy-to-use keyboard and mouse macro recorder, editor and player designed to help you eliminate repetitive operations. You can use it as a keystroke recorder, an auto mouse clicker, an auto mouse mover, a program launcher and so on. It is the easiest way to make working in Windows faster, easier, and more productive.

This product can record keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks into a macro and play them back under Pulse mode or Flow mode. Under Pulse mode, keystrokes and mouse clicks are played back one by one at a certain interval and mouse movements are ignored. Under Flow mode, keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks are played back at an adjustable speed.

You can conveniently set up script-based macros from a ready-made toolbox of commands. These commands include:

  • Keystroke. Type text into any application.
  • Mouse click.
  • Mouse move.
  • Activate/Move/Close/Minimize/Maximize window.
  • Launch program.
  • Open document.
  • Open folder.
  • Access web site.
  • Play sound.
  • Delay for an amount of time.
  • Random Delay.
  • Run Macro.
  • Log to File.

You can play back macros using global hot keys, keystroke sequence triggers and shortcut menus. A global hot key is a key combination such as “Ctrl+Alt+M”. A keystroke sequence trigger is a small bit of text such as “conT” or “&&&” that Journal Macro will watch for as you type. You can add the seldom-used macros to shortcut menus, which will pop up when you press its global hot key or move the mouse pointer to the up-left corner of the screen.

Other features:

  • Support both global and program-specific macros. Program-specific macros work only when certain window is in the foreground.
  • Insert Pause during recording to skip what you do not want to record, such as a password.
  • Most of the functions have their global hot keys. For example, the global hot key for recording a new macro is “Alt + Insert”.
  • Search for the target window intelligently under Flow mode.
  • Call macros within batch files (*.bat).
  • Find windows with wildcard strings.


Windows 98/Me/NT SP6/2000/XP/2003



Download Link

Website (Website is down due to some reasons)


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