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Another Search Engine but a “real time” one

My Live Search

I’ve been eyeing for this for ages .. and finally it has come out. It is, as they say, the world’s first true real time search engine. Your PC becomes the search engine and you’ll see the results that would normally not appear in any other search engine and they are highly relevant to your desired search term. Other search engines may take days, may be weeks to index the fresh content but with mylivesearch, you can search for fresh content almost instantly.

So how does it work out? “MyLiveSearch spiral technology works by either using an existing search engine of your choice or a combination of favourite websites (bookmarks). By querying these “starting points” of interest, the spiral process begins onwards from your computer finding information that is available now, dynamic (invisible) pages and fringing websites.

Once it has a starting point, MyLiveSearch goes to work sorting through thousands of results in a few seconds to deliver the specific results you are looking for.

As you discover sites that are helpful or relevant to areas of your interest, you can bookmark these under their topic ie. If you had an interest in Qantas shares you may bookmark MyLiveSearch to use, and as starting points. The program will then start looking from these sites and spiral outward finding relevant information in other sites from there.”

If all this that they say becomes true, it would be a huge leap in search engine technology. Mylivesearch beta is being launched on 29th August 2007. I would urge all of the readers to test it atleast once and tell us your analysis here in comments.



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  1. Excellent Work

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