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Someone Is Stealing Your Paypal Account, Beware!!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up mate~ though i don’t have my Paypal verified:(

  2. Khushal, is it necessary to verify the paypal account to get it to working state?

  3. Well actually you have to verify in order to get all the limits lifted from your paypal account, if your account is not verified than there is a one time limit for the amount of money you can send/receive in transactions and once the given amount or limit is met, Paypal applies limits to your account~

    It works even without verifying but you can only receive and you cannot withdraw to a bank account,~

  4. Well, that’s not good because paypal isn’t working in Pakistan. So better luck for Pakistanis for some other service.

  5. We always have MoneyBookers as an alternative and a better one but the problem is that Paypal has the old market captured and old and new ones prefer it.

  6. Please discontinue any account I have with you. To my knowledge I have never been a paypal member and do not wish to be.

    William Loomis (]

  7. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for your info on finding my “Folder Options”. As a lecturer of basic Computer skills, my students had to make folders in which to put their files. Due to a virus (Either Worm or Trojan horse) the folders were converted to “System folders” and therefore were not visible. You can imagine the horror when I thought I had lost their work. I ran a virus scan through my flash drive to discover it was reading the folders I thought I had lost. I then realised they were there but not visible. I discovered that some computers had the Folder options and some did not. All the computers in our lab where ghosted off one hard drive so how come they were different – obviously a virus. I chose 12 computers in our lab at random and discovered 50% had the options and 50% did not.
    My office PC had the options but my Laptop did not so I could not mark the student’s work on the Laptop.
    Now that I have my Folder options back I have dis-abled the “View System files and folders” and can now see the folders.

    Thanks for the help

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