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My First Experiment on Making Money Online – Smorty


I have been researching on how to make money online with blog advertising. There are so many services out there. I signed up for almost a dozen services to try and find out how they work. Of them all, Smorty was the only one that impressed me a little. The interface of the website is really simple and easy to understand. Even a newbie can navigate to his desired destination easily. Smorty is a service that connects advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers can pay bloggers for writing a review about their products. The opinion can be positive or negative. It seems quite fair like this. Smorty service is of two types: one is for advertisers and the other is for bloggers. I will only mention about the bloggers part as I haven?t yet tested the advertisers part.

I joined Smorty a little while ago when I was signing up with loads of other services. It took about two days for my blog to be approved by the admin team of Smorty. It was quick because it was the first service to approve my blog. When you get your blog approved, you will be mailed if any campaign is suitable for your blog. I have got this Smorty review as my first campaign and I am writing about it because I find it interesting and I want to learn more about it.

Money Matters

Smorty campaigns are usually $6 each. So if a blogger gets four campaigns a month, he will be able to earn only $24 which seems pretty less but Smorty is a heaven for the newbie who wants to blog for money. Smorty also has an affiliate program which can grind a few extra bucks for you.

Smorty uses Paypal service to pay the bloggers. And usually, the payment is on weekly basis.

Technical details

Alexa Rank = 21,531

Page Rank = 4

It uses HTTPS that is a sign that they are concerned about user security.

How to benefit from Smorty

One way of benefiting from Smorty is to write reviews about the campaigns that are offered to you. And another interesting way that I will try to experiment on is to sign up as an advertiser, advertise on blogs and get as many back links from the blogs as possible. It costs as low as $5. This will increase the page rank of the blog very quickly and you certainly know what it means if you have a high page rank.


Smorty seems to be the perfect choice for the bloggers who have just entered the blogging world. You can Get paid to blog and advertise on blogs and take it to your advantage

I will keep on writing what I learn about the service. So stay tuned.


8 Responses

  1. You can also try

  2. Thanks for coming by Kashif. rejected my blog for no reason :(.

  3. Well Sanix, I’ve also tried Smorty and it’s really good one. I in fact blogged about it on two of my blogs as well. Besides Smorty, there’re many others but some that really work good for bloggers are are v7n contextual (that needs you to be a v7n forums’ member and membership there is free) and DeWitts Media. Both of them pay within 24 hours, and payment is via PayPal only.

  4. Qurratulain, thanks for the informative comment. I’ll test out all the services you’ve written about.

  5. i enjoyed reading this great topic
    thank you

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  7. thanks for this post. It helped me a lot. Btw How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

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