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Happy New Year 2008

May the year 2008 give you –Independence of Java

Power of Unix

Popularity of Windows

Extensibility of J2EE

Luxury of .Net

Efficiency of C

Ease of VB

Robustness of Oracle

Vision of UML

Simplicity of HTML

Style of Mac

Dexterity of Photoshop

Enormity of 3D Max

Vastness of Internet

Compactness of JPG

Richness of BMP

Coverage as Yahoo

Reach of Google

Prudence of Froogle

Security of Norton & McAfee

Intelligence of Unreal

Realism of Max Payne

Speed of NFS

Fun of RoadRash

Intelligence of Chessmaster

Impression of Quake3

And the Goodness of all Software that comes for free… 😉


5 Responses

  1. happy new year sanix and to all technodigits readers!!


  2. Thanks for your wishes…..HAPPY NEW YEAR

  3. Thank you very much for your hardworking I wish you be success in all your life’s affairs

    More stable system & few virus

    Stay Safe
    Fawad Joya
    IT Officer

  4. good

  5. dude this ROX

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