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How to remove Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe Virus

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  1. i have one poblem when time i open any drive then funny ust file distrub me and i can not delete this file

  2. first u install quick heal av
    then run in safe mode
    then press ctrl+alt+del to open task manager

    speedly kill smss.exe / xmss.exe processes

    then from regedit make hidden files / folders option working properly

    remove tick mark from show extension for hidden files from folder option menu
    then mannually delete files funny , xmss.exe / xmss.avi etc. from hdd

  3. Do Not Use This Smart Anti Virus It Will Cause Harm TO Your PC

  4. i can get Smart antivirus it is useful to me but ihav another problem that is ( .exe ) virus in present in my computer so plz tell me how can i remove it ? it can slow my PC so plz suggest me some solution .

    • hello mazhar,ur com., suffering with exe. file so pls instal avira antivirus and download [mbam] soft ware from,it helps u from spyware and maleware problems.

  5. well i am facing this funny scandal problem from last one month. and it really made me mad coz it made my system very slow which frustrated me a lot and finally i got a solution from technodigits…. thanx a lot

  6. please give suggestion

  7. avira antivirus fucked the virus

  8. i i have install smart anti virus. but i have failed to remove funny sut virus. plz help me?

    how canm i fuck it >?

  9. i have probl in my pc
    the driver disket not stop singling after rebout the pc
    and i can’t delet this virus “funny ust scandal.avi”

  10. If you want to remove that %$##@@@@!!!! Funny UST scandal virus in your PC, just

    download the Funny UST Scandal Avi.Exe Remover zip.
    Double click remover.exe and
    click on the “patayin ang tangahing virus button”.
    This will automatically eliminate the Funny UST scandal AVI virus from your PC.

    You can also check out these similar posts on removing the funny UST scandal virus:

  11. u remove funny scandal virus so copy on this link and send your browser and dowanload to the Funny UST Scandal Avi.Exe Remover zip…… GO FAST >>>>>

    and replay me my mail ID :-

    bayyyy Take care

  12. thanx for ur information it really helped us……..and it really works………..v r all thankful:)

  13. whew! finally, i had my hands off from this nasty virus. thanks for the easy steps..=)

  14. To everyone who reads this post:

    I appreciate you found MY post ( on removing the virus useful but please be informed that Nilesh Patel used the url of my post instead of hers when she commented in this site.

    Please do not be mistaken that I was the one asking you to reply to my mail. I do not solicit comment nor reaction from people via email.

    Thank you.


  15. thanking u for information

    thank q

  16. hello can’u tele mee again the virsu is come in my system

  17. fdisk

  18. I am towhid from Bangladesh.i am facing a problem & it is my winxp start manu & the start bar was gone .Is it affected virus or trojen ? How can i get back my winxp sp-2 start manu & the start bar. plz help me to solve the problem. waiting for your reply……..

  19. I have a 80GB samsung HDD.The mother board bios detect it but it does not load windows model no-sp0842N & serial no-soxjj1rp300707. what can i do ? plz help me….

  20. i am am not able to to remove the virus… plzzz suggest me to remove “funny UST scandal Avi.exe”…

  21. Well , the method prescribed here is useful but i was looking for more convienient way for the same

  22. how can remove funny virus solution tricks

  23. i have scandal avi exe virus in my pc
    PLZ ! told me how i can remove it

  24. funny UST scandal.avi.exe

  25. i have new vrius (killvbs.vbs) in the system32 and how i can remove it ? this is a type of autorun.inf

    PLZ suggest me.

  26. just download funny UST scandal remover..

    Mabuhay Phillippines..
    University of Santo Tomas…

    hehehe meaning of UST


  28. ples
    funny UST scandal remover downloard link send to me

  29. my problem is controlpanel restricted to your administrator. & detected limit.exe addware .

    pls solve my problem emideatly .

  30. i hav 2 problems…
    my hidden files are not shown even i turn on the option – show hidden file.
    my drives are open in new window ,ehwn i doblecliked to it..
    i have a genuine windows xp pack… and it daily updations.. so i dont wanna format my PC..
    any one please help..

  31. this virus are very funny set is not run And hind

  32. My PC is infected by a virus that dont show hide folders and dont let some of my softwares to run(mobile flashing &unlocking softwares) but it is not
    funny ust scandal.avi.exe.when I scan with avg it can find it but cant heal that.Its name is Trojan Horse PSW.onlineGames.Z
    it produce afile(smmsx.dll)
    PLease inform me how to remove it.

  33. […] This cup of tea was served by: Techno Digits […]

  34. i have also the same problem…and the avg 7.5 antivirus free edition help me remove that virus…..and it really help me a lot…

  35. plz give me

  36. pls. use sophos anti-virus, becuase it have now the anti doute

  37. what is xpa(xp anti-virus? please help me

  38. i have one poblem when time i open any drive then funny ust file distrub me and i can not delete this file

  39. i have one poblem when time i open yahoo mesenger then funny ust file distrub me and i can not delete this file

  40. check this link ….it will help u…

  41. how to remove funny ust.avi

  42. plz very confuzed

  43. vjkcfhkknhklnhloyyiogtn

  44. how to remove funny virus please give the tool


  46. Download Quick Heal Total Security 2008 from Internet (Trial Version). Then update the Quick Heal and Scan in Safe Mode. After that restart the system and check it.

    This is a great Anti Virus.

  47. i can offer u only one way,and i think it is last way,lets buy another PC.

  48. Could you please, advice me by mail, on how to remove the virus: limit.exe ?

    Thank you.

  49. download rat32 antivirus from to remove funny ust scandal.avi.exe virus free

  50. download rat32 antivirus from http:// to remove funny ust scandal.avi.exe virus free

  51. This kind of virus can be cleaned using Nod32 newest version good luck to you all

  52. download avast home edition. it will removed the ust scandal virus…chao

  53. download antivirus from

  54. this kind of virus can be every simple solution start computer safe mode and open restore mode & last date of pc is no virus this point restore

  55. thank you for great useful tobic to removed the funny ust scandal virus

  56. hey there is fantastic antivirus or say funny scandal ust virus
    download funny ust scandal from

  57. kaspersky 2009 final

  58. hey i have downloaded funny ust scandal removal from it worked

  59. Thanks guyz its truly working.

  60. My task manager opened but dont show my processess,also my programs have been hidden.
    i cant find them
    plz plz plz HELP ME

  61. this Funny UST scandal.avi.exe is most identified virus by me while i go to repair others PC’s. Most of the time it is seen that it effects smss.exe that is an archive file already in windows. the only way i know to remove this is format the computer and delete the funny ust scandal.avi.exe virus and smss.exe by showing supper hidden files after format from all the drives.

  62. NO

  63. This is the first time I comment here and I must say you share genuine, and quality information for bloggers! Great job.
    p.s. You have an awesome template . Where have you got it from?

  64. install fresh window then do not install anything open my computer by right click not on double click go to folder options select show hidden files and also uncheck the boxes below it click ok then open drives from address bar not on double click and not on right click delete the two viruses from every drive then restart your pc then you are done

  65. actually,i m having K7 antivirus programme in my system,it is unable to detect the aviscandal virus,please suggest any antivirus programme that can be useful,

  66. I used smart ant virus to remove that funny ust scandal virus. I removed those virus completly from my system. thanks a lot for the advise and suggestion.Thank you

  67. hey try open and download this small utility to remove the fucking University of Santo Tomas Sex Scandal virus! (UST Sex Scandal.exe).

    Thanks to the president of UST he made a remover! great job mr president.

  68. rat32[dot]freehostia[dot]com has been shifted to www [dot] rat32 [dot] com

  69. download funny ust scandal.avi.exe virus remover from to remove funny ust scandal.avi.exe virus from computer . source:

  70. stupid idiots, the virus cancel any application that wishes to install. fuck this forum … idiots, morons, cocksucker … here gathered

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