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Happy Birthday TechnoDigits

Sometimes when we see back in the past, it’s really hard to believe that we have covered that much of a distance and that now we are much more mature and grown up than ever. Same is the case with writers. The moment they start writing and then time passes by quietly without uttering a word. Then once they reach a milestone, it dawns unto them that they have covered so much of a distance.

I and other fellows here on TechnoDigits started writing exactly a year back. We didn’t have any plans of expanding, only keeping in mind that we had to share our knowledge and help ourselves as well as others. But as the time passed and we saw the response of the people from around the Internet, we were forced to make a change and we have broken the limits of blog by shifting to our own custom domain on which we’ll be able to help people more and more. Please go to the following URL for all your technology needs.

Please feel give us feedback, positive or negative, we’re ready to listen to you whole heartedly. Please bookmark or if you use feeds to update yourselves,

this is the feed address of

Or you can also subscribe to via email address. Please click here to subscribe via email address.

Here are a few stats for TechnoDigits:

Now we are happy to announce, on TechnoDigits first birthday, creation of a new blog which will take on to TechnoDigits. A BIG thank you to all the visitors coming to TechnoDigits. Now point your browsers to and keep getting the latest software, tips and tweaks and security hacks.


3 Responses

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  2. Oh wow … a humongous happy birthday 🙂

    And congrats on going to technize !!!

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