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The science of hair transplant

Looking beautiful is among the utmost desires of man. Hair plays a primary role in one’s personality. Looking at the history of science and technology, it becomes obvious that basic intention behind any of the scientific invention or technological breakthrough is to conquer nature. In the second quarter of the previous century, the concept of modern hair transplant aroused and due to its direct appeal to the human desire it soon became well known.

What made a considerable number of people abstain from this surgical treatment were the news about its after effects. It seems surprising that why the same treatment proves quite harmless to one and becomes a source of continuous pain for other. Abraham Lincoln once said “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax”. The reason behind most failures is the poor case study of the patient.

The Clinic of Dr. Shapiro is considerable because it provides simultaneously three valuable services.

1) Providing you an opportunity to meet with exactly the same person who went through the similar circumstances, you are preparing to go through i.e. previous clients.

2) Guiding you about the foods that may be healthful for the rest of your body but harmful for your hair.

3) The things to be taken care of when undergoing the transplantation process.


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  2. Proper hair care for healthy hair is one of the importantaspects of personality grooming ,Don’t think that thin hairisn’t beautiful hair. By taking care of your hair, you canmake it look its best. The best part is, you won’t have topay for the professionals to do it. You can keep your hairhealthy, soft, and shinyHair Transplant

  3. Hair Transplant is one of the alternative and efficient solution of Hair Fall.Cosmetic surgery and hair transplant in India is becoming very common at very affordable cost. It is provided with par with west with least error . People from USA and UK are visiting to get treatment in India

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