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PC crashed! Where’s The Backup?

And finally it crashed!! I had been asking my boss to backup his system regularly and he used to tell me that he’s backing up his system regularly. He was backing up all his stuff on CD’s. The problem with CD’s is that we don’t know when they’ll stop working and a bigger problem is how to organize those backup CD’s.

Now that it had crashed, I tried to recover files but it just refused to even recognize the hard drive and finally I came to know that the hard drive has been damaged or burned. So no recovery was possible.

Then I started searching for any backup solutions. So many solutions were there but I was not satisfied overall. I only wanted a backup over Internet that would be safe and which would provide enough storage which would be sufficient for boss’s files still should be secure.

And what I found out was this digital backup vault from BT. It has got three options:

1- The free account which has about 1 GB of storage but there is no auto backup. 
2- There is a special option for BT broadband users. They can store up to 5 GB of data but it also has got no auto-backup.
3- The third option is the best one. It has got 50 GB of space which is more than enough for important stuff. And it also includes an auto backup option. So you can configure auto backup so that you never have to worry about backing up everything manually.

Other qualities of this backup vault include:

1- It is completely secure so you just have to upload your files and forget about it. Your files are secure :-).
2-And you can also share your files .. when you share files, only those people will be able to see whom you invite. This is a great privacy feature.
3- One thing I liked about BT digital backup vault is that we can also save files from our mobile phones. So no need to attach the mobile to the pc and download all the stuff and then upload it to the backup service. You can do it from your mobile directly.
4-The greatest feature that I liked the most is this auto backup feature. It eases so much load on us. So after installing backup .. set it and forget it is what I can say.


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  2. I wanted to let you know about a cool backup program that offers FREE and UNLIMITED backup.

    With Zoogmo you control where your files are backed up by building a backup network of your own or your friends’ computers. You can even backup to an external hard drive of your choice.

    Zoogmo runs silently in the background and automatically backs up ALL of your data over the internet, using a combination of Triple-DES and AES 256 encryption to make sure that only you have access to your files.

    Check out Zoogmo at to download Zoogmo for free and begin turning your social network into your backup network.

    Remember, with Zoogmo you have no annoying monthly fees – totally free unlimited backup you can trust!

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  5. r my data will be safe?

  6. tried hdd regenerator already?


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