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How Windows 7 Can Work Faster for You?

You will notice your computer to work slower with passage of time. This is because every Windows needs some special care to perform faster. Same is the case with Windows 7. No doubt, Windows 7 are a very good operating system, but there are many complaints that it often runs slowly.

Over time your Windows are loaded with a lot of programs, antivirus and antispyware tools which slow down the performance. Ultimately it ends up with a PC which takes a lot of extra time to do even small amount of work.

You need to upgrade your PC on regular intervals. Here are few simple tips to make Windows 7 work faster for you:

Checking Performance Troubleshooter:

A quick way to check and fix the problems automatically is to use troubleshooter. Performance Troubleshooter is able to verify the problem even if multiple programs are running on your computer simultaneously.

For opening it, simply:

  1. Click Start button.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Then, find System and Security.
  4. Click Troubleshooting and finally click Performance issues.

Get rid of Unnecessary Programs:

There are many programs on your PC which are of no use. They include both manufacturer installed programs and the ones installed by yourself. Some programs are of limited edition and some are trial versions. It is always advisable to delete unnecessary programs from your Windows frequently because they slow down the performance. Some programs take very large amount of disk space and memory like Photoshop, Corel Draw etc.

There are many programs like disk cleaners and virus scanners which run automatically when you start your Windows. Often, you are even unaware that they are running along with other tasks. They are also a major reason of slowing down of your PC. So, simply uninstall all this needless stuff from your computer and you will certainly find your PC to work faster than before.

Disk Cleanup:

You can easily find disk cleanup option in your computer by going in Accessories and then in System Tool. Just cleanup the entire extra files in your computer by selecting the files and then clicking “ok” to delete. This permanently deletes all the junk files from your system in order to speed up your Windows operating system.

Repair Disk Errors:

This is an effective way of checking any disk errors that causes your Windows to work slowly. Just right click the disk you want to clean up and go in properties and choose repair disk errors. It will automatically remove any errors which are causing problems.

Disk Defragmentation:

This is also an effective way. Choose Analyze disk option after selecting the drive that you want to defragmenter. It will then start analyzing whether you need to fragment your drive for better results or not.

Removing any Viruses:

Also, make sure that your Windows 7 is free from any malicious viruses that are slowing down the system. Running a proper virus scan is vital in this regard. Use good antivirus software to serve the purpose.

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