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Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO [32-bit & 64-bit]

Windows 8 Beta has just been launched. I wonder why Microsoft has named it Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I saw all the highlights of the presentation and was really impressed with the new features included in this release. Before saying anything I will have to download Windows 8 Consumer Preview and then install it on my test computer. I will write about it’s features very soon. Stay tuned. What are your thoughts about this?


Third payment from CPALead

Third payment from CPALead

Improve your home

Shelter, along with food and clothing, has always been recognized as the primary need of human beings. Since the first man on the face of earth to this hi-tech era, man has always tried to fulfill his needs in the best possible way. All the civilization is the result of his struggle for fulfillment of his needs and wants. From cave to the modern sky scrapers, his journey of making his living place worthy has not ended, neither will it end ever.

Looking at the infrastructure of a home, one finds nothing but the walls ornamented with few pieces of furnishers. As all the walls are almost same, it is the furnisher which values the home and is the real asset of home. Therefore, it needs special Attention when to be installed.

Wood has been the primary source of furnisher. Somewhere it is still vital but at certain places in buildings it can be replaced by even better alternatives like modern polymeric materials.

The products of Anglian Home Improvements are worthy enough to be considered as they offer a range to cover almost all the primary products needed for the infrastructure of the home. Moreover, the products are made up of material which is recognized as among the most suitable for that specific piece of furnisher like windows, doors and conservatories available are made up of nPVC along with traditional wood windows.

The best thing about Anglian Home Improvements is the garage conversion. If you have a garage which is abandoned, you can easily convert it into a working or living space. There are so many options and designs available on Angilian. They also give 1 year guarantee after the garage conversion. So I think if you have a garage waiting to be converted, then go for Anglian because I think this company does the perfect job of making all the complexities easy.

PC crashed! Where’s The Backup?

And finally it crashed!! I had been asking my boss to backup his system regularly and he used to tell me that he’s backing up his system regularly. He was backing up all his stuff on CD’s. The problem with CD’s is that we don’t know when they’ll stop working and a bigger problem is how to organize those backup CD’s.

Now that it had crashed, I tried to recover files but it just refused to even recognize the hard drive and finally I came to know that the hard drive has been damaged or burned. So no recovery was possible.

Then I started searching for any backup solutions. So many solutions were there but I was not satisfied overall. I only wanted a backup over Internet that would be safe and which would provide enough storage which would be sufficient for boss’s files still should be secure.

And what I found out was this digital backup vault from BT. It has got three options:

1- The free account which has about 1 GB of storage but there is no auto backup. 
2- There is a special option for BT broadband users. They can store up to 5 GB of data but it also has got no auto-backup.
3- The third option is the best one. It has got 50 GB of space which is more than enough for important stuff. And it also includes an auto backup option. So you can configure auto backup so that you never have to worry about backing up everything manually.

Other qualities of this backup vault include:

1- It is completely secure so you just have to upload your files and forget about it. Your files are secure :-).
2-And you can also share your files .. when you share files, only those people will be able to see whom you invite. This is a great privacy feature.
3- One thing I liked about BT digital backup vault is that we can also save files from our mobile phones. So no need to attach the mobile to the pc and download all the stuff and then upload it to the backup service. You can do it from your mobile directly.
4-The greatest feature that I liked the most is this auto backup feature. It eases so much load on us. So after installing backup .. set it and forget it is what I can say.

The science of hair transplant

Looking beautiful is among the utmost desires of man. Hair plays a primary role in one’s personality. Looking at the history of science and technology, it becomes obvious that basic intention behind any of the scientific invention or technological breakthrough is to conquer nature. In the second quarter of the previous century, the concept of modern hair transplant aroused and due to its direct appeal to the human desire it soon became well known.

What made a considerable number of people abstain from this surgical treatment were the news about its after effects. It seems surprising that why the same treatment proves quite harmless to one and becomes a source of continuous pain for other. Abraham Lincoln once said “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax”. The reason behind most failures is the poor case study of the patient.

The Clinic of Dr. Shapiro is considerable because it provides simultaneously three valuable services.

1) Providing you an opportunity to meet with exactly the same person who went through the similar circumstances, you are preparing to go through i.e. previous clients.

2) Guiding you about the foods that may be healthful for the rest of your body but harmful for your hair.

3) The things to be taken care of when undergoing the transplantation process.