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Sanix is a network engineer and a technology enthusiast, loves sharing the tech knowledge with others. Has worked on Linux, Windows, Unix and lil bit of Mac OSX.

Mail: nanosani[at]

Msn: nanosani[at]

Yahoo: nanosani[at]

Abdullah is a student of Electrical Engineering and he just

loves to experiment on computer softwares and Windows tweaking. Loves to keep uptodate with the latest technologies.

Mail: imani9009[at]

Msn: imani9009[at]

Yahoo: imani9009[at]

If anyone of you has the same interest as this blog, can write

good articles and wants to join our team at technodigits, feel

free to contact us at nanosani[at]


29 Responses

  1. Hello,I am commenting about the subject title,How to manually remove a virus and I downloaded process explorer and autorun.

    Are you familiar with any of these programs on removing viruses manually?

  2. gfgfg

  3. Boss,
    My NT server computer is affected with a virus who creates New Folder without my knowledge and system slow down Can you help me to get rid of this problem

  4. For those who are publishing and making this blogger. Thank you so much!. You have helped me to clean my pc from a f***** virus/worm. Could you please update the download links (especially the New Folder.exe and Ravmon Removal Tool). You are the best programmers I have ever seen! Thanks again

  5. What happened to this website?

  6. My systems attacked by Brontok.N email virus ? How to remove it ? I tried with Kaspersky tool , Even tried with Macfee trail version. Still not gone. Can anybody help me

  7. my pc is infected with “u.bat” virus it disable the folder option’s hidden option and every drive opened in a new window. Can any one have solution for this

  8. Hello

  9. Hi,
    I keep getting my homepage changed to:

    “about:People’s%20Republic%20of%20Thailand%20( PRT) ”

    When I open Internet Explorer it automatically defaults to the above. When I change the default settings it resets itself back.
    How Can i resolve the ploblem.

  10. font size=”18″>hello

  11. font size=”7″>This is just a test

  12. This is just a test

  13. hey guys my computer just recovered from a crash, i’m fairly sure it was a trojan named djiqa.exe and lsass.exe my folder option won’t appear, i can’t use installed programs as it says “windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access this item.”
    i’ve tried gpedit.msc and it says “file not found message” everytime i try regedit it gives me “windows cannot access the specified….” it’s quite frustrating, i can’t see a solution.
    please help, thankyou.

    • i tried deleting regedit and taking it away from msconfig. Nothing works. If i formated my drive it would have been much faster than looking for all that stuff. only thing i didnt try is registry cleaning software..

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  15. I love info-test

  16. <a href=””>Click</a>

  17. Salam brothers and sisters

    I want to share with you …if you live in UK you can make calls to Paksitan and Bangladesh from your cellphone . Go to to see the full details. Basically you get your own personal access number and you can call Pakistan totally free at no extra cost to you.

  18. REally inspired by the writer as hoping to get this blog even much more and in a better way .. 🙂

  19. A superb technology blog really impressed by the writter.

  20. I’m trying to help my mother using teamviewer (she’s in france) and I’m now stuck. The ‘rename’ option’ in word (window xp french version) is missing on right click. So she cannot rename or in fact name new folders.

    I’ve ran AVG pro and found 3 trojan horses which have been removed. I’m not sure what to do next. (I don’t know how to post to this either!! Sorry).

    Any ideas?

    Please bear in mind I know very little so suggesting I rename from the command promt is only going to be helpful if ou tell me how to.

    Thanks, best, pascale

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