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How To Convert Columns Into Rows And Rows Into Columns In Excel 2010

If there is a large amount of data in Excel 2010 in a row or column and want to convert the column into row or vice versa, it is a tedious and frustrating process to copy and paste every value manually. Microsoft Excel 2010 gives us a very good option to automate the process of converting rows into columns and columns into rows. The feature is called transpose. If you want to convert a row into column, just follow the instructions below: Select the row which you want to convert to column.

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Windows 7 Service Pack Freeze

Many people have been having this problem. After installing Service Pack 1 in Windows 7, the system randomly freezes. It doesn’t create any log or anything else. Microsoft recognized it as an error at their end  and have released a fix for this problem.

Download Hotfix for Windows 7 Service Pack Freezes

Download Google Chrome 13 Stable Version

Google Chrome 13 stable has been finally released and is available for download. It contains the following major features:

Instant pages which will pre-render the Google search results for faster browsing

Print previews shows previews of webpages as they will be printed

Print to PDF will let you save the webpage as PDF file

Detailed information about Google Chrome 13 stable

Download Google Chrome 13

Troubleshoot Windows Safe Mode With SMFixer

Windows Safe Mode is a special startup mode of Windows that will help to troubleshoot problems with Windows. The problems can be caused by viruses and malware which will usually corrupt the system and no one will be able to troubleshoot the system with the help of default Windows tools. Windows Safe Mode comes in handy in this situation.

But most modern viruses will corrupt the safe mode too. SMFixer comes in handy in this situation and helps fix Windows Safe Mode. It portable tool and runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7. But you will need to run it as administrator in order for it to work properly.

Download SMFixer

Need For Speed Underground 2 Download

Need For Speed Underground 2 is a part of the

download need for speed underground 2 via

Need For Speed Underground 2 Download

Need For Speed Underground 2 is a part of the Need For Speed racing game series. Need For Speed Underground 2 continues where the racing left off in Need for Speed Underground with new improvements

download need for speed underground 2 via

Microsoft (Windows) Safety Scanner – Free Virus Scanner From Microsoft

Microsoft has released their new on-demand virus scanner, Microsoft Safety Scanner for Windows. It is not a complete antivirus like Microsoft Security Essentials but a temporary solution to virus infected systems. It can scan the computer on demand and clean the system from viruses and malware. The benefit of Microsoft Safety Scanner is that it can work with your existing Antivirus or security suite. No need to uninstall the currently installed security program and then run the safety

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