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Gmail Power User Guide

This guide by will answer the most unanswered questions in your mind and will teach you about:

How to merge several email accounts into one gmail account,Labels,Filters,Keyboard Shortcuts and much more.

All tech readers here,Let us know in comments how you use your gmail!

Gmail Guide

Advertisements is an excellent,clean and clear straight forward dictionary website where you can check the meanings of the words without any hassle.It directly shows the meanings not links and is completely free of Ads.

The idea behind this website is to lead its viewer into a random trench of the world wide web.When you click on the big button in the center of the webpage,it will lead to a random website.Keep in mind that doesn’t take responsibility of the content of the website to which it leads.
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Glubble, For Safer Kid Browsing

glubble is a firefox plugin for safer kid browsing.It also changes the GUI (graphical user interface) of firefox to a neat clean one.It was also reviewed in Sept ’07 PC magazine .With just 3.4mb for windows,it is worth checking out.


Ever want to know what are the services running in your task manager (CLT+ALT+DEL) such as alg.exe,spoolsv.exe,svchost.exe.Then head on to

This site is extremely helpful if you are suspicious about a file running in your task manager and want to know that either it is a safe file or it is virus or any type of spyware.

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Countdown timer for hanging on the PC

This is a website based countdown timer which will show time running out in the title bar of the page.It helps in limiting PC usage such as during exams when you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your computer.

Countdown timer

Email Icon Generator

Email Icon Generator : This website allows the generation of an image(just 4kb in PNG format) of your email address for free,so that you can post it on your website,blog or wherever you like.
Benefit: It cannot be read by email address fetching bots which crawl through the web and lead to the filling of your Inbox by spam.
For e.g, if my email address is ( which infact is not) then,it will look like this: