• Advertisements is an excellent,clean and clear straight forward dictionary website where you can check the meanings of the words without any hassle.It directly shows the meanings not links and is completely free of Ads.


The idea behind this website is to lead its viewer into a random trench of the world wide web.When you click on the big button in the center of the webpage,it will lead to a random website.Keep in mind that doesn’t take responsibility of the content of the website to which it leads.
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Ever want to know what are the services running in your task manager (CLT+ALT+DEL) such as alg.exe,spoolsv.exe,svchost.exe.Then head on to

This site is extremely helpful if you are suspicious about a file running in your task manager and want to know that either it is a safe file or it is virus or any type of spyware.

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Countdown timer for hanging on the PC

This is a website based countdown timer which will show time running out in the title bar of the page.It helps in limiting PC usage such as during exams when you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your computer.

Countdown timer

Another Search Engine but a “real time” one

My Live Search

I’ve been eyeing for this for ages .. and finally it has come out. It is, as they say, the world’s first true real time search engine. Your PC becomes the search engine and you’ll see the results that would normally not appear in any other search engine and they are highly relevant to your desired search term. Other search engines may take days, may be weeks to index the fresh content but with mylivesearch, you can search for fresh content almost instantly. Continue reading

Scandoo – The Safe Web

While surfing the web, I found out this cool website. Scandoo is a web security technology which scans the search results from google, yahoo and msn (Live) for security threats and tells the users if the webpage is safe or not.

The Scandoo toolbar is also available for IE 7 and Firefox. Here are some of the services Continue reading