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Ravmon Virus Killer Patch

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  2. thank you a lot for your help

  3. samira how did you find the patch? Was it useful or not? Please tell us your experience too. Thanks.

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  7. i do have a same patch just for the fixing the drive options. you can download it from . it is written in .net 2.0

    Thanks a lot.

  8. Fayyaz Ali, thanks for the tool but it is not running on my pc. It says not a valid win32 application ..

  9. Hiiiii,
    thx Muhammad it worked reallyy a nice and quick solution for these kind ov probs.


  10. Hiiiii,
    thank you Muhammad it worked reallyy and quick solution for these kind solved problems.

    with regards,

  11. that was awsome man………… really worked i have used quick heal worm remover but nothin seems as good as this

  12. Thanks so much mahendran and swapnil, we’re trying hard to provide great solutions to everyone. Please keeping visiting and providing us your valuable feedback.

  13. hiiiiiiii
    dear i’ve virus in my system. in each folder an exe file appears with the same name. i’m using avg but the message appears that it couldn’t be moved to vault coz access is denied.
    if anyone have the solution plz

  14. I installed it but how to run it? or installing it and restarting the machine is enough?

  15. I tried both manual registry fixes:-
    1.) Turning hidden entry to 1.
    2.) Making CheckedValue a DWORD entry.

    but after closing the editor, the previous settings get restored automatically. I have turned “System Restore” off on all drives.

    I’ve a laptop as well. In laptop, Run feature, registry editor & task manager all are disabled.

    I would also appreciate if you’ll let me know what harm this do to machine?

  16. You get the RavMon Virus from a program called RogueRemover, it is infected with this RavMon Trojan.

  17. thank you man… I removed this hell outta my pc with ur antivirus…It was really great 🙂
    um Rakib from Bangladesh….wishing u all the best 🙂

    gud bye Boss

  18. Nice Tools:)
    Thank You:)

  19. hi..i used the tool it has fixed the prob of opening drives when i log on to system as the Administrator but when i log on as another user it gives the same problem…anyhelp on that ????

  20. hi pappy,

    u install the same patch in other user also. it may solve the problem


  21. Pappy can you tell me what problem are you having in other user account, problem in opening my computer drives or some other. Try to run the patch in other user accounts also.

  22. hay guyz i having problam in my Computer
    Since 3 dayz i attached USB drive to my PC thus i fund virus Ravmon.exe , i succesfull to remove that but , now my MS DOS is not working “CMD” Command is disabled or uninstall i dont know every think can u hlep me about that?

  23. Jibran to enable CMD Run this command
    REG add HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System /v DisableCMD /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

  24. hi .
    I installed windows and used a USB flash disk on it .. and it has been giving me problems ever since .
    i installed and updated all virus definitions and spy ware programs, especially AVG, spython and adaware .
    I detected and eliminated everything that even hinted as an error.
    I downloaded and used the utility u have on this website and restarted.

    now, ive scanned the PC atleast 5 times, it doesnt have Ravmon.exe nor autorun.inf . CMD is working fine, i can see hidden stuff .. only problem is “I CANNOT CLICK DRIVES AS IT STILL SHOWS ME THOSE CHINESE ALPHABETS”.
    please help out. I would really appreciate it.

  25. Yeaaaaaaah!!!!!! thanxx a lootttt for this program!!.. i mean , tool! I installed and restarted my pc, and everything went back to as how it was!! thanksss!! i lost my faith and i was going to format my pc and my external drive… i searched everywhere for Ravmon remover .. but nothing could remove them .. they were all crap -_-” .. ’till i found this lil’ thing 🙂 , thanks a lott!!! you dont know how grateful i am !! THANXX THANXX ! ———— i hope this happiness will last long! 🙂 hehe .


  26. THanxxxxxxxx alot man…..i was going crazy with the open with dialogue box problem…now alls well…

  27. my taskmanager is not running, registry is not running, mscongig is not running, foler option is not therer and my computer is gettting very slow .. any body help me!!!!!!!

  28. Thxs very much. I have been trying to remove this virus for quite a long time. Used every type of soft from registry cleaner to antivirus to spyware to manual tweaking, you name it. I am most surprised at failures of renowned antivirus programs to counter this theat. Your tool and guides on ravmon and similar nuisances are great and practical. I got here through searching on yahoo for “hidden files not showing up in Windows”. Thxs again for your effort.


  29. Lot of thanks……..technodigits

  30. asslam-o-alekam
    Hello friend ur software very best and i m very thankfull to u for this tool.
    ok allah hafiz

  31. Hi many thanks for the use of the batch file. It has saved my bacon.cheers

  32. service

  33. thanks..this patch working good buddy…!!

  34. i did what you said with downloading the tool, running it and restarting my comp but it didnt work. what am i doing wrong ? am i suppose to download another one ?

  35. Hi, i did download the Ravmon removal tool. after i installed it, i couldn’t find the application 2 run. anyone could help on this matter?

  36. hi, i used the ravmon removal tool , after installing i restarted ma system but i got the same condition as i had before still i m seing this script on right clik of ma drive moreover ravmon.exe and autorun.inf r present in ma all drives . plz tel me the solution for HD, my external hardisk, usb , mobile memory card has the same virus named as ravmon (it makes .exe files of each folder)
    plz provide me a solution n recommend mesome antivirus for further protection although i have already used avg, adware,macfee,panda,kaspersky,symantic…
    i will be waiting for ur reply

  37. Hi Muhammud! Thnks buddy. thnks for ur guidance and patch. it really worked n my system is working fine.

  38. Thx Very Much it Work Good

  39. Hey! guys RAVMON It is very easy to remove just delete and get rid of from it.

  40. Thanks a lot.. muchhhh

  41. bundle of thnx my dear i love u lot of
    u so great man nice work
    really u r the best
    i really impress with u
    i still not check but i know this will work
    thanks again



  43. from where we can download this Ravmon Virus Removal Tool 2.2
    can any one tel me the link where i can download this Ravmon Virus Removal Tool 2.2

  44. hey buddy……….
    thanks a lot for this removal tool……….
    i had almost lost my files……..
    i got them back……….
    thanks a lot……..:-)

  45. THANK YOU. my system is working fine now.

  46. Hello..,

    Thank you for your Tools.I’m very useful this tools. I’m a Services Technician.. I have got headahead about this virus. Thanks a lot.

    James Htun.

  47. yeap it works hots offf for u

  48. thanks very much. I have been trying to remove this virus for quite a long time. but your tool and guides on ravmon and similar nuisances are great and practical. Thanks again for your effort.

  49. chumma mayiru undakki vachekkunnu kunna thayoli.ithu ethu poorana undakiyathu.

  50. thxz a lot…

  51. Very helpful. thanks alot.

  52. ive tried EVERYTHING and still no luck..tried the manual uninstall, tried mcAfee Stinger, tried regedit, tried booting in safe mode, when i delete ravmon and autorun.inf they pop back up seconds later, even after removing the registry keys. im at my wits end, please help me!!!!!

  53. irishdave, try turning off system restore. when I had the virus it was saving its master files in there. with that off the virus was done. best of luck.
    Seems to work ok. Although I had wiped it already, and was just trying to remove remnants, here’s hoping it got rid of those.

  54. Dear All,

    I tried using prescribed Ravmon Virus Killer, but the problem persisted. Following your suggestions further, I tried using “procexp” thing but to no avail. Still my HP Laptop is plagued with hidden file-folder issue. Kindly help.

    Thanks in advance. Rgds, Dheeraj

  55. Dheeraj please tell me that what message popped up during excecuting the tool ravmon virus found or not.

  56. THANKS AGAIN FOR THE FIX!!! V2.5 WORKED A TREAT AND IM NOW RAVMON FREE!!! ABDULLAH, I LOVE YOU 🙂 (in a purely plutonic way of course)

  57. hi
    thank u very much. ur tool helped me remove the virus
    keep ur good work going

  58. thanks very much

  59. wow Thank you very much you’re helping me to fixed my folder option let working.
    thank you

  60. RAK Ceramics (Bd) Pvt. Ltd.

    It’s a good Job.

    Thanks a lot for your Ravmon Removal Tool’s

  61. dont know where i got it from but it was very annoying thanks btw the program said it didnt find ravmon.exe but when i restarted my compuiter worked like it was supposed to who nows maybe crazy

  62. Thank you so much, this virus has been plaguing me for some time. i’m glad there are people like you who take the time to fix things like this 🙂

  63. thank you very much

  64. still doesn’t work because it will still come back…

  65. it is because the virus was attached in autorun.inf in my USB…

  66. help me pls…
    Yes, it’s right it’s really vexatious..

  67. u can download ravmon virus killer software from this link:
    just chk it out!!!

  68. can anybody tell me how to remove viruses from my usb as when i remove usb it doesn’t get removed but says that “your generic volume can is in use etcc” what to do anybody there to help me????????

  69. maya, you can use Process explorer to see which processes are using your usb drive. Terminate those processes and then try to remove the usb again.. You can download the process explorer from this link: [This pack includes process explorer and autoruns]

  70. Thanks buddy i appretiate that.

  71. It’s really nice to have this tool. I am really confused how to bring folder active. This tool helped a lot and solved the problem. Thank you very much. Hope some more tips will be added in this page. Also I would like to solve one more problem I face. When I click any hard drive it doesnot open instead it opens some more dialogue box. When I right click on the drive, it shows “Autoplay” as the first command. How to solve this problem. Please help

  72. Rajagopalan,
    Please see the following link for solution to your problem.

  73. thanks my for your tool no more headaches =)

  74. thanks for the tool

  75. Thank you very much for this tool. We have a big setup with huge amounts of data …. and it’s not easy to format the systems.

    You have no idea how helpful this was & how thankful we are to you 🙂


  76. Thanks Muhammad Abdullah,
    i got the folder options error which is now corrected by your help…

    again… thanks alot…

  77. hey budy…thanks a lot..this is was my problem a long helps me alot..thanks….

  78. Please any one help me to remove Ravmon Virus from Windows 98 Operating system. thanks….

  79. very good one

  80. I Am Effected With This Problem

  81. Please any one help me to remove Ravmon Virus from Windows XP Operating system. thanks….

  82. I am totally effacted from newfolder.exe my 2 pen drive are effected how i solve it?

  83. ffdsadfafdasdf

  84. it will appear it will appear
    it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear it will appear

  85. hey how r u?
    ppl i still hav this same problem,but there is no wierd language whn i right click on drive,but on double click it doesn’t open it but open with screen….plz help me out…n there is no SVCHOST or MDM files in my PC…thanx…

  86. Thanks Very much .. that really helps …. you are great .. all of you guys … thanks … thanks …very much.

  87. Do Not Remove New Folder.exe From Pen Drive

  88. thanks a bunch!

  89. Good Dear y have solve my great problem,All guys download it . It is very great tool for virus.
    Dear it can’t remove virus from Wondows NT 4.0 Server pls help me in this case.

  90. I hav chinese virus i want to kill it please help me

  91. Thanks

  92. it doesnt work please help

  93. thanx it works

  94. There r so many viruses like Rav Mon But Wont Show any kind of invalid characters, but still havin autorun.inf file in the root of the drive which is Responsible for executing the virus file linked to the script in the autorun.inf file.

  95. So First if U have winrar installed on UR PC then Browse ur PC using winrar(Because winrar can Show Hidden Files even if we didn’t enable in the options to show)just after u Double Click on the Drive icon in the winrar File Browser, search for autorun.inf file. Double click on that file to open and view/edit that file U can see something like open=.exe here “.exe” may be any thing Like autorun.exe or recycler.exe just remember these names and close the file and search for those .exe and .inf files and delete them from within winrar file browser and then unmount flash drive and remount it. thats it.

  96. in the above comment “.exe” = “somefilename.exe”

  97. Some times it shows path too Especially for Recycler.exe Virus.

    Like below:


    Here just u browse for a recycler Folder and delete that Folder Directly. OR there is a very very simple Trick.

    Just search For file which U dint Copied in to the Flash Drive and delete all those Files. Thats it. Remember one thing here, that none of Flash drive users create autorun.inf files in Flash drives. So we can delete this kind of .inf files directly.

    These files(autorun.inf) can be created by some softwares Provided by the Flash drive manufacturers. So we cant suspect their softwares as viruses. Remember this also.

  98. If U Believe that U dint installed any software into the Flash drive like for example “PortableApps” etc. Then goon with the above Procedures. or if U have a Internet connection install Avast antivirus which is free for personal use and Provides Free online and Offline antivirus Updates.

  99. TIP: Never Double Click the Flash Drive Icon. Instead Use Win+e key combination and browse ur Flash Drive. or Type the Flash drive Letter in the Address bar of the Windows Explorer.

    For Example: if it Shows like below

    Removable Media(F:)

    Then Type F:/ in the Address bar of the Explorer to Open UR Flash drive.

  100. Thanks mate, patch was awesome and worked well for my 3 machines.

  101. This is superb …………..

  102. Hi there……
    I have use the ravmon virus removal tools but there is something went wrong….
    I can’t use yahoo messenger and my laptop begin to slow down………..
    Plz help me……….

  103. Hi, i use the removal and it works well, but theres still something wrong. The chinese character when you right click your drive is still there. Can you please help me with this.

  104. dude this app worked like a charm…….thanx…….

  105. nice work yar ..

  106. Thank you

  107. its really surprise for me that this is the first time i got a solution from technodigits which i exactly want and i’ll be very very thankfull to u all team members by providing this

  108. I am now only downloaded this virus tool .I shall leave the comments later

  109. Guys,even im affected with Ravmon but the link of is not working.Gives msg that user is out of bandwidth.Please post another link fast.thanks in advance.

  110. Uhmmmm… pls help me… im having the same problems or symptoms for my pc and i tried to download from the link you gave but im gaving trouble downloading it… same problem as Rohan… says that the user is out of bandwidth… if you could just post another link where we can download it… i would be very greatful… thanks in advance…

  111. Rohan and clouhd, please download Ravmon Virus Killer from the following alternate location:

    Thanks both of you for your timely feedback.

  112. hei Sanix, thank you very much for the link… it saved my pc from one hell of a mess… thank you very much… god bless you and more power… thanx again! -> sincerely, Clouhd


  114. oye u ppl rock!!
    thx 4 the ravmon virus removal tool!!

  115. For enabling “show hidden files and folder” .. the above methods are ineffective.. so follow the following steps:

    1.Open the Registry editor(Start–>Run–>Regedit)
    2.Open HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL
    3.Delete the Key “CheckedValue” (If it has type REG_SZ and Value set to 2)
    4.Create a new DWORD named CheckedValue (same as above, except that the type is REG_DWORD). Modify the value data to 1.
    5. Now the problem should be solved!!! Enjoy!!

  116. what the hell? this thing does not work for me at all. I ran the program and remove the virus but it’s still in the computer? HELP ME!!!!

    My prob : My “show hidden files” button does not work.

  117. Thanks very lot, it is working .

  118. thenk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  119. Thanks brother. it works………

  120. hi!..i try ravmon virus removal tool but it doesn’t work! can’t detect ravmon virus in my flash drives,,,
    ..i still
    help me!!!
    ..what should i do?!!

  121. ive removed ravmon manually from my laptop and the next time i boot it… most of my desktop icon were gone and my saved filesfrom the internet are also gone. my windows media player playlist are empty and my recent documents are also empty. y is this happeninG? im currently using windows xp.

  122. cheers, cant tell you how greatfull i am, spent all morning pulling my hair out in regedit tryin to do this

    thank you!

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  124. […] Always use an anti-virus! I was being a dope by unistalling BD. Problem can be resolved here: Ravmon Virus Killer Patch Techno Digits __________________ I am 59% addicted to Counterstrike. What about you? Last edited by […]

  125. i need the patches of ravon killer

  126. you guyz rock. i got it. thank u very much~

  127. Thanks a lot for your smart virus killer patch.

    I was realy disturbed by ravmon,

    Finally i get rid off this dangerous virus.

    Wish you Best of luck for your profession.

  128. Thanx a lot,
    HEy Friend gr8 work

  129. Got infected with Ravom yesterday, pretty annoying. managed to remove it now though.

  130. hi dear brothers thanks alot foe that toooooool its really a cute one tooool just like diya mirza….. i love it n like it.again thanks a lottttttt

  131. haha TAJ UD DIN is dia mirza cute?? you really think she is?

  132. no i tink she is not but i think she is cute like the ravmo virus killer…………………………………………………..

  133. IT WORKS. But like the devloper said you will have to scan your drives for vires first before running the Ravmon virus killer. UPDATE the virus database first. I use mcafee virusscan enterprise 8.0.0 with latest update sdat5153


  134. […] Posts: Ravmon Virus Killer How to manually remove viruses from your system Restore All Folder Option Settings Folder Options […]

  135. gpedit edit was not open when ever i typed in run command gpedit.msc was disable by your administrator

  136. Thnx alot..!
    it works like magic..!

  137. i required peach to delete the vireus (folder opetion not found in windows)

  138. RavMon – This spyrus is still giving headaches. To remove it enter the drive via command prompt and use the attrib command change the files attributes then edit the Autorun.inf file. After that just delete every instance of the virus RavMon.exe

  139. thanks DEar Its a nice tool I have facing one more propblem

    ( Procee Kill )

    when i install process kill i have seen flas.exe in process i belive this is worm, Spy or virus can you help me out in this regards

    can you tell how to protec USB drive bcz my office colleuge mostly out of network ( Mobile User ) when they back I have facing a lot of issue , like Laptop is working to slow, Printer is not working , search buttin is not appear alot of thing


    & God Bless You & All your Team

  140. wow, all tips is very usefull for me thank you for this support ,pls every one try for it ,and make ur pc faster and safe

  141. hello, i downloaded the ravmon removal tool from the given location “” and my avast antivirus
    found it infected with win32:Sohanad-AS[Wrm] .

    please repair the problem and upload a clean program.


  142. hello, though my avast antivirus was showing alert, i still used the tool and it completed its job quite well.
    thanks for the tool, it really works.

  143. Salam
    i have downloaded this tool .i m facing problem when executing this tool .This msg comes
    “16 bit MS-DOS subsystem : The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.”

    i managed to get rid of this virus manually but my hidden folder and file function is not working.

    plz help me with this problem.

  144. Buddy, these registry changes recovered the damage.
    Cheers !!!

    Sets these Registy Entries

  145. thanx buddy
    but i cant see the full path u given..
    plz tell me where to go after entering “Advance”
    thanx again

  146. ok no need
    problem Solved
    thnx buddy

  147. File is not available my friend.

  148. file isn’t there dude

  149. wrytryry

  150. Problem solved.Thanks.

  151. I cant properly Download the file in : , its size is 0
    is it any problem or comment ?

  152. links updated. u can download now.

  153. good cleaner

  154. […] Posts:Previous New Folder.exe Removal Tool Page Ravmon Virus Killer How to manually remove viruses from your system Restore All Folder Option Settings Folder Options […]

  155. hello sir
    there is no items on my desktop .
    i did’nt remove any thing give me the solution

  156. can this remover remove

    this virus clones /?

  157. I Have done everthing But i m still unable to show hiddn file and folder.As i change the value in registry then ok.But value not changed .What should i do…….
    Plz Advice…..

  158. hello Muhammad,

    Ive try to use your anti virus, but i cant still click the how hidden file option, i also tried ur suggestion of changing the value in the registry,
    Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced, the value of the “Hidden” file in the list is 2 and when i changed it to 1 as have you told us, it still came back to 2 as its value.

    Any suggestion?

  159. sir my system is always restatting when the system
    enter to windows

  160. it is v good anti virus

  161. Thanks you very much .. Very helpful. was living with this virus for quite long. Thanks again

  162. Hi God,

    Actually you are god Brother, I was able to work with my folder option after your help. Thnks Bro.

  163. This was a real fast solution

  164. hai this is venkatesh.
    plz tell me how to format my system without respective drivers. I’ve heard that there is a software which is used to the present situation .
    so plz help me

  165. ravmon has left something
    windows cannot find sscchost.exe
    it appear when i start the pc
    how to solve this problem

  166. i have also a problem likes those other complains. mi folders had already an exe extension and any time i deleted it it will come back again

  167. thx for this .. 🙂

  168. guys this is really a gr8 solution space..but for me , m still stuck up with donot show hidden files problem. I’ve tried all these regedit procedures but didnt find the solution yet…just let me know the right software whoever has got this problem fixed with that..

  169. plz can any body guide me to download the following software
    Ravmon removal tool
    smart antivirus
    newfolder removal
    funny scandal removal

  170. sir want bent pendrive antiviruses removals

  171. thnx for sharing it

  172. Nice software! thanks for the tool but it is not running on my pc…dont know maybe it is incompatible…anyone else experiencing such a issue??

  173. thank for sharing it

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